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This is the personal aircraft gallery of Michael Laue.
Sadly for all international visitors, my gallery is German.
But the photos speak for themself and I hope, you enjoy anyway ;o)

Here you can find all of my photographed aircrafts
on more than 6000 pictures since 2012.

Unfortunately, awesome rarities mostly arrive in bad weather. But this ain't no reason to ignore 'em ;o)


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Last Update on December, 17th:
Pictures from Finkenwerder of October 2017
> Five Of My Last Uploaded Photos
Air Busan/D-AYAJ (HL8099)/Airbus A321-231
"Air Busan A321"
WIZZ Air/D-AVZS (HA-LXW)/Airbus A321-231SL
WIZZ Air A321
SriLankan/D-AZAB (4R-AND)/Airbus A321-251N
SriLankan A321neo
Hongkong Airlines/F-WZNU (B-LGB)/Airbus A350-941
Hongkong A350
Hawaiian/D-AYAF (N202HA)/Airbus A321-271N
Hawaiian A321neo
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Good for every collection:
Air Busan/D-AYAJ (HL8099)/Airbus A321-231
Air Busan/D-AYAJ (HL8099)/Airbus A321-231
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> Top 10 of the most seen aircraft pictures

AFL Superjet

An-225 UR-82060

An-225 UR-82060

Rihanna's Triple 7

Air Force One

Condor Retro

Lauda Air 737

Norwegian "UNICEF"

Etihad ManCity

Aeroflot IL-96
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> My Current Personal Top 20

Norwegian 787

American 737

United 737

Qantas A380


Alaska 737

Alaska 737

Alaska 737

Alaska 737

Swiss 777

FedEx DC-10

Hawaiian A330

Canadair CT-133

Yakovlev Yak-11

North American P-51D

Southwest 737

Southwest 737

Southwest 737

Southwest 737

Southwest 737
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